Department of History


The History Department of Radha Govind University was established in 2018. Currently, UG, PG and PhD studies are going on in it. Along with teaching work,they are Actively involved in research and other academic activities. The aim of the History Department is to provide quality education to the students so, that they can imbibe and develop a broad historical perspective. The aim of the department is to make students academically excellent. Our educational objective lies in the fact that the history of the world and India as well as the history of Jharkhand should be made known to the students in such a way that excellent national spirit can be developed in them. We believe that only a critical understanding of the past will help students understand the present and make the future bright.

From a philosophical perspective, the past is inaccessible to us or as far as it is accessible, it is at least not available to us in the same way the present is available to us. History is a creation; it is not mere copying.The idea of history is that we can actually learn more about the past, one of asking questions and further questions based on their tentative answers.


The Department of History educationally aims at helping to write and teach the history of the world and India as well as the history of Jharkhand to the students in a way that is rooted in the national experience. We believe that only a critical understanding of the past will also help students to understand the present and see the future.


  • Thematic Student Centered Team Instruction of History Creating an interdisciplinary curriculum that reflects the richness of India's past and its historical relations with the world.
  • Encouraging students to actively engage with the past through educational excursions and seminars Participate as active spectators
  • Supervise imaginative and nuanced dissertation so that the department can make a significant contribution to the original historical source.
  • History Department To make students aware of the past and their heritage through teaching, research and extension activities in the context of world history as well as Indian history and regional history.
  • Explaining the past through a complex process of critical dialogue with historians and historical sources.
  • To achieve unique learning experience for students through exploration of tribal history and history of Jharkhand in its regional and national context.
  • Make a thorough study of the past using a variety of research materials carefully.


PEO1. A History post-graduate students should have accurate and detailed knowledge in thefield of history so that he should be able to analyze different part of history

PEO2. To encourage students to contribute in the field of history so as to develop objectivity inhistory.

PEO3. : As a history a student professional attribute effective communicative skill and capability to succeed in multi-disciplinary.

PEO4. Students will acquire basic historical research skills, including effective use of libraries, archives, and databases.


After the completion of the M.A. course a student in able

  • For pursuing research in their chosen areas.
  • For teaching in school and college after qualifying requisite tests.
  • For working as data analyst.


PO1. . To expose students to different areas of history

PO2. To make a students will vassal will the history of national and international.

PO3. Advance accounting educational tour and research methodology scheme to provide in depth Understanding of all core.

PO4. To enable students to reuse and preserve various competitive examination, old historical sites, Heritage.

PO5. Will get good information about research.

PO6. Will be able to research the history of any country in the world.

PO7. Can effectively use evidence during research.

PO8. Can create a new history project.

PO9. Can create a new history project.

PO10. Subtle evidence will be usable during research.

PO11. Will get the specification of your special paper.

PO12. . Will specialization in ancient India, medieval India, and modern Indian history.


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