Department of Physics


Since the establishment, department provides a creative and stimulative environment to students. The Department of Physics at Radha Govind University, Ramgarh came into existence in the year 2018and offerunder graduate (UG) and post graduate (PG) in programme.Course curriculum is designed as per UGC guidelines with the projects work in the last semester.At PG level, under semester course, students have the choice of specialization in Electronics and condensed matter physics. The Department has strong base for research and is running Pre-Ph.D course. It is one among other major departments that pursues timeless research and also contributes immensely to the field. Most of the Faculty members are Ph.D. holders who have their research publications in well-established journals.The department also offers Ph.D programme in several areas of experimental and theoretical Physics. It is a matter of pride and elation to mention that the department admits average students too and molds them to attain a steady and respected level in their future career. The student strength increases in arithmetical progression year after year and the department leaves no stone unturned in striving to increase it exponentially in the forthcoming years.


To impart state-of-the-art knowledge of Physics, to create competency and skills and to create strong interest in physics so as students can further develop themselves through self-study.


The physics department is committed to impart quality education both in theoretical as well as experimental physics with special emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ for socio-economic growth. Our mission is to create self-disciplined and make the students to accept the challenges in physics. We, the management, the faculty and staff, therefore promise to strive hard and commit ourselves to achieve this objective through a continuous process of learning and appreciation of needs of time.


PEO1. To motivate the students to pursue PG courses in reputed institutes.

PEO2. To kindle the interest for research in students.

PEO3.To acquire placement in educational institutions, engineering and industrial firms.

PEO4. To gain deep knowledge in the concerned fields.


PEO1. Graduates will achieve expertise to identify, formulate and solve problems in physical sciences and multi-disciplinary areas.

PEO2.: Graduates will gain the ability to develop innovative solutions in physical sciences and related areas./p>

PEO3.TGraduates will get training to avail opportunities in academics, industry, research, defence and administrative services.

PEO4. advanced degrees in physics, engineering, and other professional fields

Programme specific Outcomes(PSO)(BSC PHYSICS)

PSO1 Understand the basic concepts of methodology of science and the fundamentals of mechanics, properties of matter and electrodynamics

PSO2 Understand the theoretical basis of quantum mechanics, relativistic physics, nuclear physics, optics, spectroscopy, solid state physics, astrophysics, statistical physics, photonics and thermodynamics.

PSO3 Understand and apply the concepts of electronics in the designing of different analog and digital circuits.

PSO4Apply and verify theoretical concepts through laboratory experiments.

Programme specific Outcomes(PSO)(MSC PHYSICS)

PSO1 This programme provides the candidate the analytical skills on an advanced levelneeded in industry, consultancy, education, research, or in public administration.

PSO2 The students would gain knowledge in various branches of physics: Electronics, Quantum, classical, statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics, particle and nuclear Physics.

PSO3 Students will learn use of mathematical tools in solving complex physical problems.

PSO4Students will be able to apply advanced theoretical and/or experimental methods, including the use of numerical methods and simulations

PSO5StudentsWould get some research-oriented experience by doing theoretical and experimental projects in the last semester under the supervision of faculty.


PO1 Acquire adequate knowledge of the subject

PO2Craft a foundation for higher learning

PO3Be initiated into the basics of research

PO4Imbibe sound moral and ethical values.

PO5Become conscious of environmental and societal responsibilities.

PO6Attain skills for communication to create a good career.

PO7Learn diverse ideas and different dimensions of view.

PO8Capability to solve problems by using research-based methods.

PO9Will help students to enhance their employability for jobs in different sectors.

PO10Able to think, acquire skills through logical reasoning and to inculcate the habit of self-learning.

PO11Will get different view about the surrounding physical world.

PO12Can choose master degree from the same stream.


PO1After the successful completion of this program, students get skilled with logical thinking in steps, formulating model systems and solving problems.

PO2: Students can pursue their career in the research area based on his/her Masters Project thesis.

PO3Introduction to modern physics would make students realize on the mechanics and dynamics of objects.

PO4Quantum mechanical concepts would make students to realize the microworld and the dynamics of microparticles.

PO5Concepts on Solid state physics would make students to realize the constituents and properties of solids.

PO6Students will become professionally trained in the area of electronics, optical communication, nonlinear circuits, materials characterization and lasers.

PO7Their budding creative skills get nourished by inspiring them to manage and organize different events; e.g., Science Day Observation, Lecture Competition, Commemoration of Scientists’ birth Day etc

PO8Students get the lessons of research and development during their project work, assignments.

PO9During project work, group discussion and laboratory class, students get nurtured to become a team member and to stand beside the others with fellow feeling in need.

PO10Apply and verify theoretical concepts through laboratory experiments.

PO11With satisfactory number of presentations and group discussions the students develop good communication skills..

PO12Students while having their internship in the final semester can arrange their future research with the other institute.


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